LEO-ML-0002 – Circular LED Pendant Light

Product Brand: Leo Light Lighting

Set vertically within a handcrafted metal halo that is suspended, a series of handmade slabs of clear glass are suspended within this frame. Each softly curved slab is slightly different in shape, incorporating a unique aesthetic variation into the design. A LED light guide within the round frame casts a soft glow that illuminates this tabletop piece.


Manufactured By:Leo Light Lighting

Size:W85cm / H35cm

Weight:70 lbs

Materials:Glass, Metal

Adjustable Cord:Yes

Installation Provided:Yes

At Leo Light Lighting, we specialize in custom luxury lighting and crystal chandeliers. If any of the lighting pieces you like isn’t exactly what you want, we can customize it.

For specific changes to the design, parts, material, color or something completely unique, please call us.