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We provide clients with professional lighting design services to optimize the deliverance and influence of light to a specific space in order to convey the right mood and atmosphere that captures the right emotions.


Why Lighting Design?

When it comes to illuminating a given space, there are a many variables to consider that require a lighting design expert to effectively plan and execute the job. 

Factors such as the type of lighting fixtures, light positioning, lighting parameters, lighting control systems, illuminance and glare from surrounding objects and many more. These complexities pile up when the project area is large, especially in commercial and industrial applications. 

Before starting any lighting project, you need to identify the requirements, area restrictions, method of lighting, type of lights and control system.

A professional lighting designer will be able to streamline this whole process for you – ensuring that you achieve the best result to convey the right mood and atmosphere in your space.

Lighting design process at Leo Light Lighting.

The Process

1. Initial Meeting

A meeting to discuss project details like program and coordination, design direction, architectural features, furniture layouts and finishes.

2. Concept & Schematics

After the initial meeting, our lighting designer will prepare various mockups with technical specifications to simulate the light plot, type of lights, their location and control systems.

3. Development

Once we have confirmed the details of your project and received a deposit, our lighting designer will then collaborate with your electrical contractor to create detailed drawings. 

4. Issue for Construction

Before going to site, a final issue of the approved project documentation will be sent to all relevant parties which will then be required to be verified before proceeding.

5. Site Visits

Our team will perform regular site visits to oversee and ensure that your project is executed smoothly or adjust according if any revisions are required.

6. Order Management & Installation

Upon receiving the lighting fixtures as per the design plan either from your own source or through our custom luxury lighting service, we will then coordinate and manage the delivery to the site for installation.

7. Final Inspection

After the project has been completed, our team will make a final inspection to ensure that all lights are operating correctly and to answer any other questions you may have.

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