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Interel Phnom Penh Distributor

Leo Light Hospitality is an exclusive distributor of Interel products in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Interel’s solutions are deployed in over 30 countries and have been used by over 20 million guests.
The Interel Room Control Unit is the core of the Guest Room Management System. It supports programmable logic for lighting, dimming, music volume, curtain control, thermoregulation, occupancy sensors and other control functions to meet all design, guest experience and project requirements. It also allows for a modular setup with the use of expansion modules.

Online Room Solution, PMS Integrated, Access Control via Zigbee, Hotel Operation Management Apps, Energy Management, Pre-set Room Temperature, Fast-Cool on Check In, Occupancy Control, Eco Setting via Delta Logic, Room Check Out Control, Monitoring and Control Through Web Interface.

Interel powers the modern hotel through it’s Hotel of Things™ ecosystem by connecting people, devices, and data. They have created an award-winning Guest Room Management System, and connectBsmart™ IoT infrastructure. Through these products they have revolutionised guest experience, increased operational efficiency, and driven sustainability in the hospitality industry.

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